Fines and Fees

There are fines of 10¢ a day per item for all overdue materials except "Fast Read" books, "Fast View" DVDs,  Blu-ray movies, console video games and “Doorway to Dayton” museum passes, which are $1.00 a day per item.

If you owe $5.00 or more, you may not check out more items until your account  balance is below $5.00. 

If you lose an item, you will be charged the retail cost of the lost item, plus a $5 processing fee.  The replacement cost will be waived if you provide the library with a new, identical item to replace the lost one.  A $5 fee is still charged to cover the cost of processing the replacement item.   If you have paid for a lost item and the item is found and returned within twelve months of the date you paid, you can get a refund, minus the $5 processing fee and an overdue fine.  A refund check will be issued the next time checks are run.

Accounts not settled within 60 days may be turned over to a collection agency.  A $10 collection agency fee is added to these accounts.  

Replacing a lost library card costs $1.00.