Library Foundation Annual Fund Drive Gift Items Have Arrived

foundation gift display ​The Wright Memorial Public Library Foundation’s annual fund drive continues throughout the summer.  If you have already donated, please come to the Library at your convenience to collect your gift.  If you would like to see the donor gift items, they are on display behind the check-out counter.

Donor gifts include a large golf umbrella, a canvas bag, a coffee mug, and a set of note cards featuring the art of this year’s annual fund drive.  Included with all donations is a car decal of the Library’s new logo.  The logo decals are appearing on the back windows of vehicles all over the community.  It’s a great way to show your support!

Anyone wishing to donate to the Foundation’s 2014 annual fund drive can do so by mail, at the library, or online at

Donations to the Library Foundation support the mission of the Wright Memorial Public Library and enhance library services, events, and resources. 

Members of the Wright Memorial Public Library Foundation Board are Gregory Toussaint, President, Rebecca Roess, Ann Marquis, Debbie Gorman, and Penni Morris.    
Car Decal