Wright Memorial Public Library offers a variety of resources for homeschoolers. This page lists some of the good resources available on the Internet.

For general educational resources:

Library Databases for Children 
These sites are available through the Wright Memorial Public Library website.

For homeschool information specific to Ohio:

Ohio Home Educators Network
This site offers information about the Ohio Administrative Code as well as the forms needed to begin homeschooling in Ohio.

Homeschool Central
Find contact information here for homeschool groups that meet in Ohio.

For general homeschool information and ideas:

A to Z Home’s Cool                                           
This site covers various teaching methods and educational resources.

Homeschool World                                                            
Includes links to study materials, curricula, special education, and teaching aids. This is the website for Practical Homeschooling Magazine.

Jon’s Homeschool Resources         
An extensive source of neutral, non-commercial homeschooling information gathered by a homeschooling father.

American Homeschool Association
Answers frequently asked questions about homeschooling, and provides articles, resource lists, support groups and organizations, and helpful website links. Includes an email discussion list and newsletter.

Home Education Magazine
Search a wide range of topics from past and upcoming Home Education Magazine (HEM) issues and view an extensive list of resources. The print version of Home Education Magazine is available from the Library and is shelved in the magazine area in the front of the library.

Learn in Freedom!
Developed by a homeschooling parent in Taiwan, this site ddresses such issues as socialization, language development, age segregation, college acceptance, and schools and crime. Includes an annotated bibliography of resources, and online and print versions of hard-to-find homeschooling articles.

Hot Chalk Lesson Plans
Over 4,000 lesson plans sorted by subject and grade level.

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