Green Reads

Are you up for a reading challenge?  This summer, for Tales and Trails, we're encouraging all Youth Summer Reading Club participants (and their parents) to read a batch of excellent eco-centric books!   

There are 4 age brackets, and 6 books in each bracket.  If you read and review at least 3 books in your age bracket then you are a Green Reader! 

All Green Readers are invited to compete in the Battle of the Books being held on July 30 at 6pm. The Battle winners in each age bracket earn trophies and glory! (20 participant minimum)

All Green Readers who are registered for the Youth Summer Reading Club have earned a Baby Yoda brag tag--even if they are an Early Learner or Teen! 

Green Reads ends when the Battle of the Books begins: Friday, July 30 at 6pm.

Here is the Green Reads Book List.  Click each title on the Green Reads list to request it via InterLibrary Loan.  Available copies arrive in approximately 7-10 business days. 

Here is the Green Reads Book Reviews form.  You must submit at least 3 book reviews at a time.  Parental help in filling out the form is encouraged, as you judge appropriate for your family's needs.  


Additional Specifics

Participation in the Battle is not required.  You are still a Green Reader without participating in the Battle, and are eligible for the Baby Yoda brag tag.

Claiming a brag tag is not required. You are still a Green Reader without a brag tag, and can compete in the Battle of the Books.

Readers may choose to read and review any 3 of the 6 books in their age bracket.  Read and review all 6 to be the best-read Green Reader possible!  Reading all 6 in your age brackets will also increased your chances of success in the Battle of the Books, since questions may be pulled from all 6 books.

All age brackets are approximate--choose the bracket(s) that best fit you!  You CAN become a Green Reader in multiple brackets.  While you won't earn extra Baby Yoda brag tags, you will earn the right to compete in multiple brackets at the Battle of the Books.

Hungry for more?  Read on with the Bonus Books!  These titles will not earn you Green Reader status or a Baby Yoda brag tag, nor will they qualify you for the Battle of the Books.  But they are SO GOOD that we couldn't resist suggesting them for good, fun bonus reading.

These books will have you growing and glowing in nature-linked knowledge!  Read and grow, everybody!  And if you have any questions about Green Reads, please email Sarah Allison, Youth Services Associate, at  

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