Policy Changes

Updated November, 2019 - We recently made some important changes to our lending policies. 

Overdue Fines

  • Checkouts are allowed on cards with fines below $10 (previously $5)
  • Fast Reads, Fast Views and console games fine reduced to $0.50/day (previously $1)
  • Maximum overdue fines for general collection items reduced to $2.50 (previously $5)
  • Maximum overdue fines for special items like Mobile Hotspots and Museum Passes set to $25 (some were previously $5)

Lost Items

  • Processing fee ($5) for lost items is waived when replacement cost is paid, but is still assessed and is non-refundable for in-kind replacements
  • Replacement cost can be refunded if patron returns item within 6 months of payment (previously 1 year)

Checkout Restrictions for New Patrons

  • New patrons cannot check out Makerboxes, Mobile Hotspots, or Tablets/eReaders for the first 60 days.

See our Patron & Borrowing Policies section for complete policy details.