Our operational needs

Wright Library is an integral partner in the community’s commitment to education, providing services such as: 

  • critical literacy support to Oakwood’s children from cradle to college, including Storytimes and early literacy activities that prepare Oakwood children for Kindergarten;  opportunities for young parents to connect and develop new friendships; an easily-walkable facility and friendly staff that offer a safe after-school space for kids to study and socialize; and in-school programs that help kids develop a passion for reading.
  • a community gathering place for lifelong learning, where adults come to read, learn something new, get technology support, apply for passports, hold meetings, attend writing and book clubs, study for exams, create resumes and apply for jobs, and attend enriching programs and concerts. 
  • highly used collections of materials, including digital collections that meet the growing demand for 24/7 access to digital books, music, and movies, and other special collections that give users access to all the tools needed to learn something completely new. 
  • technology tutoring and tech classes that help adults stay connected in a digital world.
  • the Wright to Your Home homebound delivery service and programming at Brookdale Retirement Community to ensure that those who can no longer come to the library can still access what they’ve enjoyed for years. 

However, in order to continue these highly valued and used services, Wright Library needs more local tax support to offset a decade of reductions in state funding combined with rising costs of materials, wages, healthcare, and facility maintenance.

The levy will be used to fund operations including:

  • ample materials in multiple formats to meet the needs of different types of learners and users;
  • quality, well-trained staff;
  • early literacy programs and outreach with local preschools, Oakwood City Schools, and private schools;
  • book deliveries and other services for homebound, elderly, and disabled residents;
  • technology tools for today and tomorrow’s workforce and personal needs.

Source URL: https://wrightlibrary.org/2020vision/operations