Revitalization Project: Construction Phases

Phase One is underway in the lower level, which will remain closed to the public. Repairs will address the HVAC, elevator, lighting, and other infrastructure needs. When completed, the lower level will house the children and teens area, audiovisual materials, and an ADA and stroller friendly entrance.

See the initial plans for Phase One and Phase Two below:

Project Overview
Facility Needs
construction phases
Renovation Team
Capital Campaign

Park Level - lower level renovation plans

Phase 1 childrens and AV area plansPhase 1 teen and office area plans



Phase Two construction, expected to begin in the spring of 2021, will renovate portions of the main level to house the Community Room, a new conference room, ADA-compliant restroom, seating area, and adult computer area. The work on the main level will not involve the historic restorations completed in 2018.

Street Level - upper level renovation plans

Phase 2 adult collection and computer area plansPhase 2 community room periodicals area plans

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