Notary Services

DUE TO COVID-19: Please contact the library to find out if we are able to offer notary services at this time. We always recommend calling in advance to ensure a notary is available and able to accept the documents you have.Ohio State Seal
We CAN notarize:

  • simple documents that do not require special expertise, such as:
    • Auto titles
    • Simple affidavits, for example, the BMV's Fifty Hour Affidavit
    • Medical release forms 

We CANNOT notarize:

  • documents in languages other than English
  • children’s signatures or fingerprints
  • real estate transactions
  • deeds
  • wills
  • I-9 forms
  • lengthy, complex documents

You must:

  • Bring valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Bring all unsigned documents to be notarized. Documents must be signed in the presence of the notary.
  • Complete all information above the signature line prior to signature notarization
  • Bring your own witness(es) if needed.
  • Present documents in plenty of time before closing; notary service ends 30 minutes prior to closing time.
  • Limit notary requests to no more than 5 signatures per patron, per day 

Our notaries reserve the right at their discretion to refuse a request that does not satisfy identification or document requirements, exceeds the intention of the services we offer, or prevents staff from fulfilling the primary mission of the library.

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