Steve Weiss Author Visit

Join local author and artist, Steve Weiss, for an introduction to his graphic novel, Psych-itorials, which beautifully and playfully depicts Mental Health struggles and how they affect the brain and everyday life. Weiss's art portrays a topic that is often difficult to discuss or comprehend.

Steve Weiss is an artist from Dayton, OH. His passion for art and cartooning began at the young age of 10. Steve studied art in school and continue to hone his skills throughout his adult life. He has worked in many trades, from horse wrangler to commercial fisher. A nature enthusiast and hiking lover, some of his earliest childhood memories include looking for lizards, fire ants, fossils, and hunting for snakes and turtles. His passions and life experiences appear in his art today as he specializes in cartooning, felting, and abstract painting, also drawing inspiration from his art instructors and a long list of cartoonist and artists such as George Herriman, Charles Schulz, Paul Klee and Basquiat. Steve loves creating art because it brings freedom and can heal and rebuild lives. He enjoys sculpting his ideas into concrete forms, turning thoughts into sketches, and losing himself in the process.

We will meet virtually using a Zoom chat room. Joining the event will require the installation of the Zoom client on your computer (microphone and speakers required for audio, camera for video) or the Zoom app on your mobile device.  Additional help is available here.  


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