Solar Eclipse 2024 - April 8!

sequential images of eclipse phases

Wright Library celebrates being in the path of (near) totality

The Dayton area will have a front-row seat to the next total solar eclipse.

Wright Library invites you to attend any of our special eclipse programs in March before joining us in Katharine Wright Park for the viewing on Monday, April 8. Activities begin at 1:30 including making souvenir eclipse buttons and pin-hole viewers, sidewalk chalk, and a selfie station to preserve this historical event.

Learn how you can safely view the eclipse, get eclipse glasses (while supplies last), or meet a Solar System Ambassador - all at Wright Library - on our Solar Eclipse 2024 page.

The eclipse begins at 1:53pm and will conclude at 4:25pm. However, the pinnacle of the eclipse will happen at 3:10pm when the moon fully covers the sun. It is only at this point that one can remove their eclipse glasses to view the sun’s corona. 

Please note, Wright Library will be closed on April 8 from 2:45 – 3:45 so that staff can enjoy the eclipse in Katharine Wright Park. Hope to see you there! 

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