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A Makerbox is designed to help you tinker, design, construct, and create something new. In some cases, you can keep your creations even after returning the kit.

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  • 2 mini doughnut
  • 3-tier round
  • Beehive
  • Blossom
  • Darth Vader
  • Frozen - Elsa
  • Frozen - Snowy Day
  • Ghost
  • Harvest Leaves
  • Heritage
  • Pine Forest
  • Pineapple Upside-down
  • Quartet


  • Engineer Story Kits for pre-schoolers
  • Balance
  • Board Games
  • Building Check Availability - Six different building sets, including GoldieBlox, Magnetic tiles, and Laser Pegs.
  • Code-a-Pillar Twist & Bee-Bot Check Availability - Borrow friendly these friendly little robots to help learn coding skills for young learners under 5 
  • Cubetto Check Availability - A hands-on, screenless way for children to explore basic computer programming skills
  • DIY Escape Room Check Availability - Everything you need to make an original Escape Room at home
  • Gaming Check Availability - Tools to invent your own video game or tabletop board game.
  • Harry Potter Movie & Game Night Check Availability - Watch all of the 8 feature films or play Trivial Pursuit World of HP, HP Labyrinth, or Pictionary Air-HP
  • Harry Potter Party Check Availability - Use the Harry Potter themed baking and candy making molds to make HP themed treats
  • Juggling Check Availability - Learn to juggle clubs, rings, balls, and scarves from an illustrated instruction book
  • Kids Construction Check Availability - Snap-together building sets
  • Parachute Games Check Availability - Have fun with this 12 foot heavy duty play parachute and the 4-person game, ParaShoot Set
  • Pattern Making Check Availability - Pattern games for pre-school and early elementary learners
  • Ukulele | Check Availability - Make music alone or with friends-- individual ukuleles or sets are available for checkout.
  • Unicycle Check Availability - Try a new recreational hobby by checking out the library's Avenir Deluxe Unicycle (20-inch wheel).


  • Air Quality Monitor
  • Arduino  | Check Availability - Play with circuits, program, and invent with Arduino, an open source prototyping platform. Requires a home computer with internet access. 
  • Hotspot (wifi) - single use or 7-day hotspot available 
  • Kill-a-Watt 
  • Kindle
  • Makey Makey Check Availability - Map keys on your keyboard to any conductive object, like carrots, play dough, or water. Requires a home computer with internet access.
  • Radon Detector Check Availability - Measure radon gas levels in your home
  • Raspberry Pi Check Availability - Use a tiny computer the size of a credit card to program, invent, play games and more. Requires a TV with an HDMI connection.
  • Telescope Check Availability - Portable telescope for exploring the night sky
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Reader Check Availability - Diagnostic tool to help you determine why a warning light is on in your car


  • Arthropods
  • Biology Check Availability - Microscope with specimen slides; animal anatomy models that can be taken apart.
  • Build a Constellation Check Availability - Young learners can learn the points of the constellations in our night sky
  • Coding & Circuits Check Availability - Enjoy board games designed to teach coding principles and experiment with Snap Circuits.
  • Hands-on Math
    • Hands-on Math: Addition & Subtraction
    • Hands-on Math: Money
    • Hands-on Math: Place Value
    • Hands-on Math: Telling Time 
  • Little Bits
  • Maneuverability Driver's Ed Set Check Availability - Cones and instructions to set up your own driving test practice course
  • Little Learner Backpacks

"Doorway to Dayton" ACTIVITY PASSES

A signed waiver and library card are required when borrowing from the Library of Things. Borrowers must be 8 years or older. If under 18, a parent or guardian must sign and submit the Library of Things waiver.

Get a Library Card
To check out items from the Library of Things, borrowers must have a Wright Library card for at least 60 days with an account in good standing. 

Download and Print the Waiver
To check out items from the Library of Things, borrowers must have a completed and signed waiver on file. Bring a completed waiver to the library with your library card or photo ID.

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