Let's Talk Race for Teens

Let's Talk Race for Teens  Wednesday, July 22 at 7pm

This will be an online event. You will be emailed details after registering.   Register here: https://www.wrightlibrary.org/letstalkteen

Join us as we use the Conversation Cafe model to talk about issues regarding race and human diversity. Topics to be addressed are how to effectively speak up when you hear a racist remark or joke, what it means to be the race that you are, and how your education has affected your understanding of racial issues. We will break into small groups with a leader designated for each group. 

Talking about racism can feel uncomfortable, but not talking about it allows injustice to continue. All participants agree to be open-minded, accepting, curious, discovery-oriented, sincere, and respectful. Grades 7-12. Registration required.

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