A US passport lies on a map of the United States

How to Schedule and Apply

Wright Library is a U.S. Passport acceptance facility, where new passport applicants can apply for new passports in person.

An appointment is required when applying for a passport. Expect to spend about 30 minutes per applicant. (Separate appointments must be made for each individual, and the applicant must appear in person.) If you choose to bring your own photos, please see photo guidelines below.

Schedule a Passport Appointment


Visit U.S. Department of State | Apply in Person to learn about the requirements when applying for a passport in person, such as required forms and qualifying documentation.

Renewing your passport? We cannot process passport renewals, i.e. adults whose most recent passport is soon to expire or expired within the past 5 years. See instructions for renewing by mail. If you simply need passport photos for a renewal, see Photos section below.


Fees and options

Your application cost depends on applicant's age, whether you want a standard passport book and/or card, and how urgently you need them. Some fees are payable to the State Department, while some are paid to the library; two separate payments are required. Note acceptable payment methods below.

Passport Service Fees

Who is applying?What are you applying for?Application Fee*
Paid to U.S. Department of State
--Check or Money Order ONLY-- 
plusExecution Fee**
Paid to Wright Library
--Cash, Check, or most Credit Cards accepted--
(16 or older)
Passport Book only$130+$35
Passport Card only$30  +$35
Passport Book & Card$160+$35
(under 16)
Passport Book only$100+$35
Passport Card only$15  +$35
Passport Book & Card$115+$35
All Passport RenewalsSee instructions for renewing by mail n/a
NOTE: Two separate payments are required.

* Application fee is paid directly to the U.S. Department of State. Check/money order only. Money orders can be purchased from any post office, your bank, Western Union agents at many supermarkets or drug stores, and other places. 
** Execution fee is paid directly to the acceptance facility (Wright Library), cash, check, or most credit cards accepted. We cannot accept American Express.


Optional Add-on Services

Optional Add-onsPay to U.S. Department of State
--Check or Money Order ONLY--
Pay to Wright Library
--Cash, Check, or most Credit Cards accepted--
Expedited Processing Fee$60 
1-2 Day Application Delivery
(sends application to State Dept.)
1-2 Day Passport Delivery
(sends passport to applicant)
File Search Fee$150 
(see details below)
Check the U.S. Department of State’s Fee Calculator to be sure of your fees. 



Passport photos

You can have your passport photos taken at Wright Library for a $15 fee, or bring your own photos. For full details about photo requirements, see the U.S. Department of State Photo Guidelines. Photos not meeting these criteria will be rejected by the State Department, causing delays in the processing of your application.

Photos for renewals

If you only need passport photos for a renewal, you do not need to schedule a full passport appointment. However, please call before visiting the library to check if a trained staff member will be available.

Photos for babies

We are unable to photograph infants and babies for passport photos. Subjects unable to sit or stand on their own while facing the camera will need to be photographed elsewhere before their appointment. The U.S. State Department's website offers some tips for Taking Photos of your Baby or Toddler (found at bottom of that page).