Virtual Field Trips

holiday break with wright library, 6 museums present!


Sun., Dec. 20

The Solar System: A Planetary Tour from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History-  2 p.m., grade 2-6

Immerse yourself in the Solar System and discover what makes it go round. We will talk about the formation of the Sun, planets, and moons--gravity, energy, and motions included. REGISTER


Mon., Dec. 21

Prehistoric Life from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History- 10:30 a.m., grades prek-2 

See Dinosaur skeletons in our Museum up close and personal. Touch real dinosaur specimens! Discover how and when they lived and why these magnificent creatures became extinct. Learn about the dinosaur’s modern day relatives, BIRDS! **make and take?**. REGISTER


The Story of Pro Football from the Pro Football Hall of Fame-  2 p.m., Families

This highly interactive 50 minute program examines the "museum concept" brought to life through the use of priceless artifacts and historical documents, which illustrates the museum approach of conveying the history of pro football through artifacts/documents. The program includes a discussion on Northeast Ohio's historic ties to Pro Football and why the Hall of Fame is in Canton, Ohio.  REGISTER


Tues., Dec. 22

A Morning with the Seuss Museum- 10:30 a.m., grades preK-2 

Take a virtual tour of The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum, led by Jenny Powers, an educator on site at the museum in Springfield, Massachusetts. She’ll lead you in exploring Dr. Seuss’s Springfield roots, some Fox in Sox fun, and a cool craft! Register HERE to receive the Zoom link. Pick up your program materials from Wright Library December 14-22. **make and take**.  REGISTER


Wed., Dec. 23

Model Trains from the Ernest Warther Museum- 10:30 a.m., Families

All aboard to a virtual visit with the Ernest Warther Museum! You’ll be inspired by the remarkable Dover, Ohio artist who created sixty-four hand-carved, scaled and working representations of steam train history between 1905 and 1971. Train enthusiasts ages 4-8 and their adults are encouraged to engage with a museum docent as they share not only the exceptional works in the collection, but the spirit of Ernest himself. **make and take**.    REGISTER

Balto: a History Of Humans, Huskies, and Health In Alaska with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History- 2 p.m., Elementary

Did you know that the real Balto is at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History? Bring the amazing achievements of mushers and their sled dogs into your classroom as we present the story of Balto and the heroic dogs and mushers of the 1925 Alaskan Serum Run, and compare their experience to the Iditarod of today. Discuss diphtheria with a health educator and find out why the outbreak in Nome, Alaska is so famous. Investigate equipment used to enable humans and huskies to survive in harsh Arctic conditions. Hear how the entire city of Cleveland rallied to the aid of Balto and his teammates after they were abandoned and mistreated. It’s a ‘tail’ for all ages! **make and take?**.   REGISTER


Mon., Dec. 28

I See a Story from the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art- 10:30 a.m., grades preK-3

Join us for this interactive live program in which you will hear from a Carle educator about the museum and go behind the scenes to discover how Eric Carle transforms ideas, words, and pictures to create the books we love! Registration includes pre and post-program materials with links to online videos, activities, and at-home art projects. **make-and-take, limit to 30 attendees**.   REGISTER


It’s Not Black And White: How the Cleveland Museum of Natural History Defines “Race”, 2 p.m., Teen

Description: Throughout history, genetic variation within the human species has been a source of community strength and personal identity. It has also been the basis for discrimination and oppression. Today, geneticists and anthropologists have proven that all humans share ancestry in Africa. In the light of these scientific breakthroughs, discuss with our educators the idea that "[Racism] is not about how you look, it is about how people assign meaning to how you look." (Robin G.D. Kelley, Historian) Humans aren’t alone in this behavior—we’ll reveal other animal species that segregate themselves into specific cultural communities. Participants in this program will try some activities and discuss ideas that may challenge how they think about the very human-specific term, “Race”.   REGISTER


Tues., Dec. 29

Exploring Textures with the Columbus Museum of Art, 10:30 a.m., grades 1-8 

Discover the fabulous textures around you while you play with a fun & versatile stencil! Megan Green from the Columbus Museum of Art will lead kids in creating a stencil in the shape of a jacket, skirt, pants or hat…and then finding eye-catching textures to fill it! Hold your best discoveries up to the camera so everyone at the virtual program can see the texture of your imagination! Supply bags with stencil paper and assorted textured materials are available for pickup at the library beginning on 12/16/20. Participants will need a pair of scissors from home. **make-and-take**.   REGISTER


The History of Oakwood's Favorite NFL Team, presented by the Pro Football Hall of Fame- 2 p.m., Families

This interactive 30 minute program gives all students the chance to learn about their favorite team! You will learn about how the team got to where they are today while looking at the history of their team, their stadium, famous moments, top players from their organization and the impact the team has had on their community. Each presentation will also look at specific Hall of Famers who made an impact for that organization as well as the game as a whole. **patrons vote before 12/21 to pick your favorite team**.    REGISTER


Wed., Dec. 30

Inspired by Picture Books: Collage from the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art- 10:30 a.m., grades preK-3

Explore collage in this hands-on virtual workshop with Carle Art Educators! Looking at picture book illustrations, including the art of Eric Carle, this workshop will explore how paper can be used to tell stories. Educator-led activities will encourage students to explore the potential of paper by tearing, cutting, arranging, and attaching paper together. This workshop provides a starting point for further collage explorations and will include pre- and post-workshop extension resources. **make and take, limited registration**.   REGISTER


Biomimicry Inventions from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History- 2 p.m., Tween

Scientists have been looking to nature for inspiration for centuries. Students will learn more about inventions that have been designed using biomimicry, then explore ways that nature’s solutions can influence challenges facing the world today. **make and take?**.   REGISTER


Wed., Jan. 6

Stress Down: Eustress-ing Me Out! from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History- 4 p.m., Teens

Stressed out? Recognize your biological reactions to stressful situations and learn techniques to manage your stress response. All animals share basic chemical responses to perceived dangers; distinguish the stressors that you can and cannot control, and use that information to lower their effects on your body and mind. **make and take?**.   REGISTER