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  1. Getting Started with Native Plants
  2. Find Native Plants and Habitats
  3. Certify Your Yard
  4. Native seed, plant, and landscaping sources

1. Getting Started with Native Plants

Homegrown National Park

Keystone Native Plants



2. Find Native Plants and Habitats

Aullwood Native Plant Sale 

Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center Search for native plants based location, color, bloom, and more

Native Plant Finder by zip code  National Wildlife Federation

Native Plants by zip code  Audubon Society

Native Garden Plans  Marianist Environmental Education Center

Landscaping with Native Plants Eric Sauer, Planning Manager with Five Rivers MetroParks

Ohio Native Plants  A curated a list of 231 plants native to Ohio

Ohio Native Lawn Replacements

Backyard Wildlife Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Certify your yard - field of flowers

3. Certify Your Yard

Homegrown National Park

Certified Wildlife Habitat  National Wildlife Federation

Monarch Waystation

milkweed seeds4. Native seed, plant, and landscaping sources

Aullwood Native Plant Sale

Native Pollinator Plant Nurseries and Seed Companies List OSU-Montgomery County Extention

Where to Buy Ohio Native Plants April is Ohio Native Plant Month

Ohio Prairie Nursery

Marianist Environmental Education Center

Midwest Native Plant Society

Deeply Rooted Landscapes

Regenerate Garden Co.

Indigenous Landscapes, LLC

The Conservationist, LLC

Down Nature's Path

Birdsong Landscapes

Native Ohio Plants

Tadmor Greenes

The Milkweed Patch


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photos of native plants and pollinatorsPhotos by Maura Boesch