Tiger! Tiger! Exhibit

Imagine walking down a generations-old road.

A rustle off to the side makes you snap to attention, and you hold your breath as a tiger crosses your path.  Her ancestors have used this same road for as many generations as yours.  In some parts of the world, people share their environment with tigers just as we share ours with coyotes or hawks.  In this exhibit--hosted at Wright Library, on loan from the PALY Foundation--explore the world of the tiger.


The Tiger! Tiger! exhibit is on display at Wright Library in the front reading rooms July 19 through August 19, 2020.

On Saturday, July 25 families with preschool and elementary-age children can enjoy a tiger-riffic afternoon at Tiger! Tiger! on Facebook Live.


More about each poster in the exhibit
Tigers are amazing! Test your knowledge of tigers while learning some interesting facts.  Why do they have those stripes?  How are house cats similar to the world's largest cats?  Learn many "fun facts" about tigers.    

Tigers are important! As apex predators, tigers keep their habitats in balance.  This means lower levels of the food chain, including plants, depend on tigers.  Humans have relied on this balance for thousands of years, tigers are a part of their cultural heritage.

Endangered Species The chief threats to tigers in the wild are loss of habitat and poaching.  Three species of tigers are already extinct.  And only about 4,000 tigers are left in the world today.

Hope for tigers  Conservation efforts for saving tigers, in their natural habitats, are underway.  Learn about the innovative methods being implemented to make sure tigers continue to have a home in a balanced ecosystem.  Every person, regardless of age or location, can help save tigers!


Additional Learning
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Article about SooYong Park who works in the face of the Russian mafia to conserve Siberian tigers
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Smithsonian National Zoo profile on tigers
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Face Sheets on tiger conservation and the tiger trade
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World Wildlife Federation's Tx2 Effort

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tiger infographic 2


Who is the PALY Foundation?
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The Paly Foundation focuses on efforts that highlight the importance of conserving and protecting diverse natural habitats and wildlife populations. We believe that nature conservation is best achieved through thoughtful, well directed nature education efforts and projects. An individual's contributions can have a measurable effect on the conservation of Earth’s biodiversity and an experience with a well designed, stimulating and emotive nature education program can be the catalyst that sparks that individual's passion for and commitment to nature conservation throughout life. Visit PALYfoundation.org